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On-site / Freelance

3D Generalist

We are looking for a 3D generalist with focus on environment work. You will be responsible for creating full CG environments that integrate seamlessly with plate photography. Your tasks will require problem solving using 3D, 2D and 2.5D techniques and span across multiple disciplines where proficiency with lighting, look development and compositing are crucial and required. You will also be required to do modelling, texturing, camera work and simple simulation tasks. Capability to create Digital Matte Paintings for environments as extensions of plates will be seen as a big plus. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Proficiency doing environments in 3dsmax (Houdini, C4D a plus)
– Experience working with Vray (Arnold, Redshift, Corona is a plus)
– Experience working with Nuke, 2.5D/projection based workflows
– Thorough knowledge of Photoshop
– Experience with automotive rendering a plus
– Experience with TyFlow a plus

– Good artistic eye, both for what looks right and how to take it to the next level
– An organised way of working – creating scenes and setups that can easily be picked up by other artists
– Good communication skills
– A humble and helpful attitude

Positions are for full time or freelance.

Apply here: