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On-site / Freelance

C4D Animator / Rigging Artist

We are looking for an animator with focus on advertisement work and other artistic projects. It’s important to know and master the basic principles of animation for characters and for visual effects/motion-graphic design. Both realistic and cartoonish animation styles are required.
You will also be required to create the systems / rigging tools in most cases, or work with custom tools provided by the team, so it will be required to know at least the basics in rigging and xpresso controls.
It’s also important to be able to evaluate or recreate a good topology suited for animation and to ensure the optimal settings workflow for an animation scene.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Proficient animator in C4D (other DCC’s such as 3ds max or maya also a plus)
– Proficiency in Mograph systems and effectors
– Good knowledge of rigging and Xpresso
– Thorough knowledge of C4D workflow
– Understanding of Xparticles a plus
– An organised way of working – creating scenes and setups that can easily be picked up by other artists
– Good communication skills
– A humble and helpful attitude

Positions are for full time or freelance.

Apply here: